For me, successful artwork gives life to ideas that are able to inspire audiences in

the way I am inspired. This cannot be achieved through skillful execution alone - it

must have synergy and life; it must 'connect'.


I often enjoy distorting the physical laws governing time, space, and matter by

Stripping objects of some properties and substituting others. this allows me

latitude to challenge convention and suggest the existence of parallel realities.

It is hoped that this in turn initiates thought about the physical laws which are

commonly accepted to govern our universe.


While Bringing an idea to life turns a thought into a reality, giving it life is giving

it a heartbeat. I endeavor to reach this goal in every project using whatever

material and/or technique will best serve the purpose. Subsequently, it is

important for me to have a big tool box of materials and techniques to draw from.


Above all I strive for freshness, innovation, and novelty by manipulating color,

light, and a variety of materials to fit my own definition of time and space.  It is

sometimes like walking a tightrope stretched over an ocean of uncertainty that is

dotted with islands of clarity and purpose.


Gary Marchesano